Land of Typos: Part Spooky

spooky-michiganWas flipping through some files from last year and found this correction I made in the book Spooky Michigan, part of Globe Pequot Press’s Spooky series.

No task was too big for Con Culhane. He even damned the Two-Hearted River so he could use it to drive logs to Lake Superior.

Damn that typo!
These are the kind of mistakes that send a chill up your spine because they’re so easy to miss. I remember spotting this one in my second pass through the book and catching my breath as I realized that I’d missed it on my first go-round. (Refer to the previous entry, “Don’t pass on the second pass.”)
This is also a particularly terrifying mistake because it falls in the category of “accidentally naughty typos.” You’d be surprised how many of these show up in otherwise innocuous text.
And for a copyeditor, that’s spooky!


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