I Love My Clients, Part 7

cute-heartJust sharing a few thank you’s received from clients this week. Seriously – we work with the best folks ever. Even under the tremendous deadlines of writing proposals and deliverables, they take time to thank us for our small role in the process.
Our mash notes this week have ranged from happy:

Thanks so much for your and the team’s effort to help us get all of these documents edited and delivered to the client. The client has been very pleased with the work, and you and your team share in any praise we receive.

To apologetic:

Unfortunately for Sam and Amy, they should remember me from our previous work reviewing and editing about 50+ resumes that I kept sending to them in bursts of 3-5 with terribly quick turnarounds. They were very helpful and patient with me, so hopefully they’ll bear with me again this time.

To simple:

Hi, Sam . . . thanks for all of the great work today!

I’m so grateful for all of these comments from our clients. Knowing that they understand and value the work we do inspires us to work even harder.


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