I Love My Clients, Part 5

Maybe I’m just getting sappy because I’m pregnant and at 39.5 weeks. But my clients are just constantly reminding me this week how awesome they are.
I’ve been trying to finish writing a case study for a client here in Dayton, and having a tough time getting through to their end customer to set up an interview. I wrote to my client this afternoon, telling him that my due date is next week and that I was worried I may not be able to finish the piece.
Here’s his response:

Don’t stress yourself over it. Your child is far more important. It can wait if it needs to. You can send me what you have and I’ll work with it and fill if the blanks if needed.

Thank you, dear client. That’s the kindest response I’ve ever gotten to telling someone that a deadline was in jeopardy. I promise I’ll kick butt for you after I’m back from my maternity leave!


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