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It’s a quiet morning at the office until you realize the deadline for the 50-page proposal is in 2 short days. You need your document edited quickly and precisely.
There aren’t enough editors on staff to meet the deadline, but you don’t want to submit it without an edit first. Your head starts spinning while you try to think of a solution. Just when it seems like there’s no solution in sight…AHA!
You contract us to help you submit on time.
Getting your request in? It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Have the project details ready before you submit the request. This will help us book it faster.
We want to be an extension of your team. And our goal is to help you get your carefully edited document submitted quickly, leaving you with the relief of spared time and a major headache.

Pin down the details

Here are 3 things you should have on-hand to speed-up the editorial process.

  1. Set the schedule

    Time is of the essence here! Set up a timeline, and let us know when the document will arrive in our hands. Editors have back-to-back projects sometimes. So, the exact timing helps us pick the right editor for you.

  2. Supply document details

    Let us know the nitty-gritty details of your document. What type of file do you need to be edited? Word document? PDF?How many pages are in it? Is it single-spaced, or double-spaced? What is the font type and point (Example: 12pt, Times New Roman)? This will determine if one or more editors are needed to turn your document around in a jiff.Some companies have in-house style guides they follow, others follow AP, Chicago, or another. Do you have one? This will help the editor make changes to your document based on your standards.

  3. Select the level of edit

    What type of changes do you need to your document? Do you just need the proposal checked for glaring grammatical errors? Do you need a standard copyedit? Or do you need a substantive edit, where the editor makes wording suggestions, style changes, and more?

Get it out, get it back

Getting your document edited? It’s super easy! Set a schedule; know the nitty-gritty details of the document; determine what level of editing you need. You’ll have the proposal submitted on time, and the relief of spared time.


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