From Our Designer: Thank You, Steve Jobs

istock_000017486964xsmallWe’ve all been aware of Jobs’ illness for a long time, and I’d been dreading the news of his death. Like a favorite actor, a CEO you have never met can come to feel like an old friend.
I grew up with Apple computers, worked and played with them (and never quite got over the feeling that working on a PC was some sort of punishment).
Here’s hoping that Apple stays on the right track. That they continue to prioritize design, function, and pure elegance in their products. It’s comforting to feel that through the sheer and enduring  force of Steve Jobs’ brilliance, they almost certainly will.
I started making a list and was amazed to find how many Apple products I’ve known and loved over the years.
apple II
macintosh lc
macintosh duo 2300c
Power Mac G3 400mhz
bondi blue imac 400mhz
bondi imac 600mhz
700mhz emac
g5 flat screen imac
macbook dual 2ghz intel core duo
intel core 2 duo imac 2ghz
1st generation ipod (with click wheel) 10gb
1st generation ipod nano 2gb
5th generation ipod 30gb
6th generation ipod nano
iPad 1
apple tv gen 1
apple tv gen 2
Thank you, Steve Jobs.
Lexy Nesbitt is Dragonfly’s Design Manager. She is the recipient of numerous ADDY, Marcom, and Hermes Creative Awards, including for her identity for Dragonfly.


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