Dragonflies and Catapults: A Tale of Two Agencies

When companies come to Dragonfly, we help them deal with a variety of issues ranging from in-depth copyediting to quality content creation. But there are times when those companies end up needing something Dragonfly isn’t equipped to provide. Things like digital design, brand cultivation, or nurturing of their web presence. That’s when we turn to an organization that has been a longstanding partner of Dragonfly’s: Catapult Creative.

Catapult is a holistic marketing agency located in downtown Dayton, where Dragonfly president Sam Enslen grew up. Catapult helps clients out with the more visual aspects of their content needs. They specialize in revitalizing the branding of an organization by tackling things like logo design, website building, brand identification, and more.

We met Catapult several years ago when the agency was just finding its feet. A client needed a website built, and was working with a budget that perfectly matched the scale of projects that Catapult was handling at the time. As the client worked with Catapult, they were impressed by both the quality of the design and the professionalism that Catapult demonstrated. We were too.

Ever since that encounter, we’ve been referring customers who need digital design or branding to Catapult Creative. And as both our companies have grown, our relationship has only blossomed. By maintaining this partnership, we’re able to ensure that our clients can take confident next steps if they discover that they need digital or interactive support.

Of course, this relationship is a two-way street. When a client working with Catapult requires copy creation, Catapult refers them to Dragonfly, and we’re able to assist them with any writing needs they might have.

When speaking about the relationship between our two agencies, Matthew Sliver, Catapult’s Principal, homed in on what makes the relationship work.

“Normally, when I have to outsource things to other companies, there’s lots of stress involved,” he said.

“Stress about managing deadlines and coordinating with individuals. With Dragonfly, that stress just isn’t there.”

We’re inclined to agree. Because Dragonfly and Catapult are aligned so closely in terms of our values and our quality of work, there’s very little to worry about when we collaborate.

This partnership creates a beneficial environment for all parties involved. Not only do clients receive top-notch digital and copywriting assistance regardless of the situation, but our two companies support each other through customer referrals and by maintaining positive and open communication.

Beyond a beneficial symbiotic relationship, Dragonfly’s partnership with Catapult is built on a solid foundation of mutual trust. Catapult has always been deeply committed to doing quality work, and the environment between our two companies has always been good-spirited, productive and free of drama.

Bonus: Catapult is involved with a number of projects in and around the Dayton area, including Dayton Inspires, an initiative that sheds light on the unique and inspiring aspects of the Dayton community. These values of doing truly good work, not only for clients, but for our community, are what keeps us working with Catapult.


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