Crafting Our Core Values

Last year our leadership team worked to learn and adopt the Entrepreneurial Operating System (also known as EOS or Traction) for Dragonfly. We spent many sessions with an EOS Implementer learning how to apply the principles and tools in our work every day. The entire process was sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating, and surprisingly rewarding—and rest assured, there are no trust falls or corporate jargon in EOS.

One of the exercises we all found especially enlightening was when we were asked to define the core values that capture Dragonfly’s culture, priorities, and personality. We all felt our final list checked all the boxes: this is who we are, who we want to be, and who we want to be seen as.

Once agreed upon and put in writing, we decided we needed “stickers” we could send to Dragonflies when they do something that exemplifies one of these values. As the creator and guardian of the Dragonfly brand, I got to create them. Here are the results: 

A year later, I can report that we’ve given out a lot of these. And we’ve all found that we see them playing out every day in the quality of our work and interactions with each other and our clients. 


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