Copyeditors, Add This to Your Reading List

copyeditors-guideErin Brenner at Copyediting has a great article this week on books to improve your editing skills.
This was helpful for me because the two books I used to recommend for new editors are now out of print. I cut my teeth on these two volumes some 15 years ago — Substance and Style, by Mary Stoughton, and Mark My Words: Instruction and Practice in Proofreading, by Peggy Smith. Both are comprehensive, fantastic resources — and both were published by EEI Press, which now seems to be defunct. Both books can be found on Amazon but are often pricey. A used copy of Mark My Words, for example, was recently listed for $97.10. Ouch.
With this in mind, it was great to see Erin’s suggestion about a new resource for those who want to learn how to copyedit. Here’s what she writes:

The Copyeditor’s Handbook by Amy Einsohn. This is probably the book for copyeditors. Einsohn covers what copyediting is, how to copyedit, and what resources are available for copyeditors. If you haven’t yet, challenge yourself by doing the exercises in the book.

Einsohn is working on a new edition, and you can preorder it on Amazon whenever you want. Look forward to seeing it!


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