Who in the World Is Laurie Wells?

Laurie Wells is a freelance editor who lives in a “geeky household” in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and two sons. She describes herself as a “kitchen sink” editor, thanks to her wide range of interests and experiences.
She started her editing career working on Windows’ NT magazine – making her edits in red pencil on hard copies. From there, she managed publications and content for media companies, with many of her projects focusing on software and technical documentation. After about 15 years of corporate content work, Laurie transitioned to full-time freelancer in 2012. She’s been an active editor with Dragonfly since 2014.
As a freelancer, every day is different. Laurie enjoys the variety, as well as the flexibility. She’s able to work from almost anywhere in the world. And, she does.
“As a family, we live a month every year someplace different,” Laurie explained.
The tradition began around 2005, when Laurie and her husband were considering relocating from Colorado to New York. They lived in Manhattan for a month as a test. New York didn’t stick for the Colorado natives, but the travel bug did. Since then, they’ve taken an extended trip every year.
Laurie works throughout her trips, which have included U.S. cities like San Francisco, as well far-away locations like New Zealand, Hong Kong and Chile. Now that her sons are in school, the Wells limit most of their trips to the summer months.
To balance travel and work obligations, she’s figured out her most productive times (she’s a morning person). Laurie can also transition quickly into and out of work mode.
“Rather than having an actual space, I carry my [professional] head space wherever I go,” she explained. “I can easily come and go from that space, without a lot of transition time.”
Headphones also help. And, she’s a master trip-planner. Laurie is a “maximizer” who wants to do and see everything. Others in her family prefer a more relaxed pace, so the longer-term stays help to balance everyone’s needs.
“We have it pretty dialed-in,” she said. “There’s a lot of planning involved, but we figure it out. Plus, we have each other.”
This post was written by Melissa Blevins, a writer at Dragonfly Editorial.



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