Seizing fresh opportunities: Dragonfly's Rebecca Sims

bex-ninaWhen Rebecca Sims was four years old, she and her family moved to Germany. Knowing their stay wouldn’t be long, Rebecca’s mother held off on registering her for preschool. One day, her mother busy with laundry, Rebecca stuffed some Dr. Seuss books into a backpack, snuck out of the house, and hopped onto the neighborhood school bus. It wasn’t long before Rebecca got her wish: she was enrolled in preschool.
It’s a telling episode: Rebecca is someone who sees potential for growth. She got her start as a writer doing communications and public relations work in the nonprofit sector but soon realized that it was writing more than PR that she enjoyed. Rebecca has enjoyed corporate, agency, and freelance work, and has returned to her former job as a senior writer for WellPoint, one of the country’s largest health benefits companies, with Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans in 14 states.
Changing with the times
Rebecca’s work focuses on marketing and member education. And she’s been deeply involved in the organization’s transition from print to digital media. Years ago, she created the navigation and wrote content for the first-ever Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield website. Now, she’s helping the company save money (and trees) on printing by creating more digital solutions, including Flash presentations, email and web campaigns, and digital magazines.
Knowing better than most how the print-to-digital shift is affecting business, Rebecca decided to try to hone her web writing skills on her own time—and have a little fun while doing it. Thus Daily Spinach was born, a joint blogging venture between Rebecca and a co-worker. “We were already trading articles with each other about living and eating well,” says Rebecca, “so we figured, why not share them with others?” She and co-blogger Carol promote their site among friends and coworkers, taking turns writing posts. For Rebecca, it’s been a great learning experience.
Stretching boundaries
Rebecca is also a student at a school of a different kind—fortunately, it’s one she didn’t have to sneak off to. “Yoga school,” as she calls it, is an intensive 5-month course in yoga history, human anatomy, and in-depth study of yogic poses and their energetic effects (to boost energy, try chest stretches and gentle back bends; do forward bends for a calming effect). When complete, Rebecca will be a 200-hour registered yoga teacher.
And she’s learning from the best: Rebecca studies at the yoga studio that’s home to Lilias Folan, known to many as the “first lady of yoga” (you might remember her from Lilias, Yoga and You, the ‘70s-era show on PBS). Once she’s certified, Rebecca will enrich the yoga classes she teaches at WellPoint’s corporate fitness center (she already holds a vinyasa yoga specialist certification through the American Council on Exercise—oh, and she teaches spinning, too). Next, she may get involved in yoga therapy, the use of yoga to treat depression, anxiety and other disorders.
If the past is any indication, Rebecca won’t stop there. She’s just joined the Dragonfly team as a writing lead, helping manage workflow and match writers with projects (and perhaps restore a little inner peace in the process). As her mother can attest, Rebecca has an eye for fresh opportunities. There’s no telling what bandwagon (or bus) she’ll be leaping onto next.
Mary Dixon is writing a series of profiles of Dragonfly writers and editors.


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