Pecha Kucha: Breathing Creative Life Into the Dayton Community Year After Year

For years now, the city of Dayton has played host to a uniquely named and unconventionally creative event: Pecha Kucha.
The event, owing its odd name to the Japanese words for “chit chat,” was founded in Tokyo in 2003, and has since spread to over 1,000 cities worldwide. Locally, it promotes creative thought and conversation within the Dayton area by providing a platform for people from all walks of life to share their stories, designs, projects and more. The format — a presentation of 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each — keeps presentations feeling fresh and engaging, no matter the topic.
For 6 years Dragonfly Editorial has been a sponsor of the event. In fact, we were Pecha Kucha’s first sponsor in the Dayton area.
Why do we care? Because PK provides a forum for regular people to demonstrate their creative sides and show off just what they’re capable of. It lets individuals share amazing stories and connect with others in a way that never would have been possible otherwise. And above all, it’s a big contributor in helping the artistic and innovative side of the Dayton community flourish year after year.
“I’d never thought about sponsoring an event before I went to my first PK, on top of the Firefly building in downtown Dayton,” said Samantha Enslen, president of Dragonfly. “I was so electrified after the performance that my first thought was, ‘This needs to keep happening. I have to make sure this keeps happening.’ I went right up to the organizers and asked if I could start sponsoring the event. We’ve done so ever since.”
As writers, artists, and creators here at Dragonfly, the infusion of creative awesomeness that Pecha Kucha brings to both our community and the wider world is a pretty big deal. It’s why we continue to support the event, and why we’re thrilled to see it growing as the years go by.
The next PK night will be December 13. Doors open at 7 p.m., and the event is free for all to attend. Check out the presenters to know what to expect from this night of creative thinking!
This post was written by Duard Headley, an intern for Dragonfly Editorial


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