Network Roulette, anyone?

casino rouletteWhat do you get if you mash up speed dating, instant messaging, and a career-specific professional event?
Network Roulette.
One of my favorite bloggers, Penelope Trunk, starts up new companies as often as Britney Spears gets married. Penelope’s third startup, Brazen Careerist, has an interesting new way to network online with professionals in your general career area.
I tried it as part of her “Secrets of an A-List Blogger” blogger bootcamp week earlier this month, and I was impressed. And not just because Network Roulette’s version of elevator music—animated stick figures networking at a bar—is stinking cute. Though it is.
Here’s how Network Roulette works. You take a minute or two to fill out a very short “social resume.” Then you are randomly matched with one other networker, see a few facts about each other, and have up to five minutes to instant message together. When you run out of time, there’s a place where you can take notes on the exchange and choose whether or not to become a “Fan” of the person, which makes it possible for you to get back in touch with them on the Brazen Careerist site.
Then you’re whisked back to the animated stick figures for however many seconds it takes for the site to match you with the next networker to become available.
In one hour, I “met” a resort designer, a Menstrual Cycle Advocate, a woman who blogs about how the work environment is morphing, another woman who blogs about great leaders in history, and—bingo—a consultant for one of Dragonfly’s biggest clients.
I’m not just bragging. I’m inviting you to join me. There’s a Network Roulette for Marketing and Communications types (and wanna-be’s) on Thursday, December 1, at 7 p.m. EST. Just go to the link below and sign up. It’s free. If you can type, you can network in your jammies.
Here’s the link:
Amy Paradysz is thinking that we might be able to use Network Roulette for our team of remote writers and editors to get to know each other.


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