Hitting pause for a refill: Why coffee breaks matter

coffee-break1Legend has it that Isaac Newton first caught on to gravity while drinking tea under the shade of an apple tree. Could the links between rest, recreation, and creativity have implications for non–work-related breaks in the workplace?
Interestingly, television’s workplaces of today—The Office comes to mind—are still fairly littered with coffee breaks, even while fewer employees in the real world practice the ceremony of breaking for coffee and small talk.
Explore this topic in my recent Avatar HR Solutions blog “In Defense of the Coffee Break”: http://blog.hrsolutionsinc.com/2012/08/07/in-defense-of-the-coffee-break/
Greg Hyman is a writer for HR Solutions and a “weekend warrior” proposal copyeditor for Dragonfly Editorial. He drinks his coffee black and strong enough to peel paint.


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