Editing conferences for 2017

an empty presentation hallI know that 2017 is halfway through at this point. And many of the best editing conferences, like ACES 2017 and EAC 2017, have come and gone.
But there are still so many great editorial training events happening between now and the end of the year. Are you planning on attending any of these?

Date Place Name
June 22-25 Phoenix Investigative Reporters and Editors
July 6-7 Taipei, Taiwan Conference for Asian Science Editors
July 26-29 Phildelphia Asian American Journalists Association
Aug. 3-5 Denver International Association of Nursing Editors
Aug. 9-12 Chicago Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
Aug. 10-11 Denver International Society of Managing and Technical Editors
Sept. 7-9 Anaheim Excellence in Journalism (SPJ)
Sept. 13-15 Brisbane, Australia Institute of Professional Editors
Sept. 15-16 Rochester, NY Communication Central
Sept. 16-17 Bedfordshire, England Society for Editors and Proofreaders
Oct. 4-8 Pittsburgh Society of Environmental Journalists
Oct. 5-7 Washington, DC Online News Association
Oct. 8-10 Boston Public Relations and Corporate Communications
Oct. 26-28 Brescia, Italy Mediterranean Editors and Translators
Oct. 26-30 San Francisco National Association of Science Writers – World Conference of Science Journalists
Nov. 1-4 Orlando AMWA Medical Writing and Communication Conference
Nov. 9-10 London International Society of Managing and Technical Editors European Conference



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