3 Tips on Web Copywriting from AWAI

blue-computer-imageI talked this morning to writer Cela De La Rosa, just back from the 2012 AWAI Web Copywriting Intensive in San Diego.
The AWAI conference is about writing online copy — everything from website content, to video scripts, to social media content, to autoresponder emails.
Not surprisingly, Cela told me the conference was excellent — she was overwhelmed with good information after her first day, she said. And it was a three-day conference.
Here are a few of the key points that Cela mentioned.

  • You can’t ignore video. A few years ago, Cela told us, copywriters and marketers were told that “they can’t ignore social.” That sent a lot of companies scurrying to set up Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. The next rule? “You can’t ignore video.” Copywriter Steve Slaunwhite noted that video is the number one item that people share on the internet. So if you’re not creating shareable video content, you’re missing a big opportunity.
  • You can’t ignore Google+. Cela reported that very few writers at the conference were part of Google+. They got their knuckles rapped for that. Apparently, Google is now factoring participation in Google+ into its search algorithms. Google looks at your Google+ “circles” first when determining search results. So like it or not, if you don’t participate in Google+, your search results are going to suffer.
  • You can ignore the pressure. Don’t get too stressed about algorithms, search engines, key phrases, and the like, Cela learned. Just write. SEO expert Heather Lloyd-Martin told the group to focus on fresh, relevant copy. Copy that’s readable, accurate, and well written. That’s the kind of content people want to read, and that’s the kind of content they’ll share.

What copywriter doesn’t like to hear that?
Samantha Enslen is a web copywriter herself. She runs Dragonfly Editorial.


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