Does Buffer support alt text? Not yet, but there is a workaround.

By Emilie Ferdelman •

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of talk about alternative text (alt text) in the Twitterverse. What is alt text, you ask? It’s an HTML description added to an image or GIF that’s uploaded to the internet. Why add alt tags to images? Well, those who are blind browse the web too. They use a screen reader that reads text to …

APMP Bid & Proposal Con 2017

By Samantha Enslen •

Last week, Magi and I went to the APMP conference in New Orleans. The time was packed with lots of great sessions! Here’s my summary.

Editing conferences for 2017

By Emilie Ferdelman •

I know that 2017 is halfway through at this point. And many of the best editing conferences, like ACES 2017 and EAC 2017, have come and gone. But there are still so many great editorial training events happening between now and the end of the year. Are you planning on attending any of these? Date Place Name June 22-25 Phoenix Investigative Reporters and …

Using an MVP approach for prioritizing website content

By Samantha Enslen •

Just read a fantastic article by Sparkbox on prioritizing content updates for a website relaunch. They suggest taking a minimum viable product (MVP) approach for planning a website launch. If you’ve ever found a launch endlessly delayed while you struggle to get each page “perfect,” the simple solution that Sparkbox suggests will seem like a godsend. Like most brilliant ideas, once you …

Fact-Checking 101

By Emilie Ferdelman •


We don’t do a lot of fact-checking per se here at Dragonfly. Only one of our clients asks for it by name. But in a sense, good copy editors are always fact-checking, whether they call it that or not. That’s because we take a highly skeptical approach to the material we review. Factual inconsistencies make us flinch — until we query them. …

Are one-sentence paragraphs OK?

By Samantha Enslen •


Recently, a colleague wrote me with a concern from one of her clients. Here’s what she said: He seems happy but commented that I use a lot of one-sentence paragraphs. I never noticed this, but it’s probably a holdover from reporting work. Is there a rule against this? He wasn’t really complaining but sort of musing about it because he says writing …

The newest Dragonfly has landed! Meet Becky Harris Sullivan

By Emilie Ferdelman •


Becky Harris Sullivan is a Renaissance woman. The newest full-time Dragonfly has worked as a technical writer in areas as varied as international development, import taxes, agricultural economics, politics, and human rights, putting her skills to good use for employers ranging from a World Bank watchdog group to the International Food Policy Research Institute. In college she studied foreign languages, art …

Removing a Watermark in Microsoft Word

By Samantha Enslen •

An illustrated Image of a serene river with surrounding trees it

A fellow editor just wrote with a problem related to Microsoft Word. Seems that a document she was trying to edit had the word Draft splashed on the background on every page, in big, blue, 40-point type. This “watermark” was a huge distraction. Could she get rid of it? Indeed she could, and she did. To remove a watermark in …

Fun with Visual Thesaurus

By Samantha Enslen •

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve always hated using a thesaurus. I always felt disappointed when I looked up a word. The synonyms never seemed that synonymous, and therefore not that useful. Visual Thesaurus changed that for me. It makes finding alternative words fun and often leads me to exploring relationships between related words. For example, here’s what you get if …

How editors could have saved Obamacare

By Samantha Enslen •

The U.S. Supreme Court is soon expected to announce its decision in King v. Burwell, which deals with the Federal Government’s responsibility to pay for federal exchanges established under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). When it comes to laws that affect millions of Americans, I think we mostly trust that somebody is going over the text with …